F1 2013

Great edition of the game that lets you race Formula 1 cars

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The F1 2013 is an impressive racing game that can be played on a PC as well as various game consoles. It is by far the best Formula 1 game out there today, and this version allows you to step back in time and get behind the wheel of some awesome classic cars. The options are virtually endless, and you can customize your gaming experience every time you start the program. You can go online and play with other people, put yourself in a computer generated race or take one of many cars out for a test or qualifying run.

I was blown away by the attention to detail that is evident during game play. Each vehicle has its own unique performance characteristics, you can choose from a variety of scenarios and driving conditions. You can even choose the brand of tires that you want to install on your car before the race. There are also numerous camera views that can be selected with a single keystroke.

All of these features combine to create a level of immersion that I have not experienced in quite some time. The graphics are smooth and the game flows from start to finish without any delays or problems. You definitely do not need a high-end system in order to enjoy everything that this game has to offer.

However, you do need a fast Internet connection in order to download the huge game file, and installation will take some time as well. The installer is completely automated, and all you need to do is select the directory and wait. I would highly recommend having a control wheel along with a gas pedal and brake accessory in order to get the most from this game. A good set of speakers or headphones is also essential if you want to enjoy the high quality audio as well.

The button assignments and key commands take some time to learn, and some of the menus could be a little more intuitive. Damage and crash effects are okay, but the game would be much more realistic if they were a better developed. However, these are minor issues that have nothing to do with performance, and this is a fantastic game that is definitely worth downloading.


This game comes loaded with choices and options.

You can choose from newer or classic race cars.

There are a number of selectable track settings and weather conditions.

Graphics and sound quality are second to none.


The crash effects could be better.

Downloading the game can take hours with a slow connection.

Menus could be a bit more intuitive.

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